A Day In Our Lives

A night of restless sleep ends and we awake from dreaming of new ideas.

We take a three minute shower, dress and then do wind-sprints to the office.

We don’t walk in the door at the crack of dawn.  We are the crack of dawn.

The sound you hear is me kicking our office door open as the sun rises.

We breathe deep and our soul is filled with a vigorous lust for scheduling.

Zuzu,” our vicious 100 pound pitbull, takes a sentry position on the couch.

Her mission: To brutally dismember anyone who stands in the way of our achievement of excellence.

We make twelve cups of coffee, each, then fill our IV bags with them.

We don’t have no time for no sipping.        

We call all of our clients and thank them for choosing to let us make their lives easier.

It’s why we do, what we do.

We check our Facebook and Twitter accounts, adjust our ads, watch our analytics and strategize.

Lunch arrives.  Vegan for Derick (our founder) and I, and one freshly killed adult buffalo for Zuzu.

At 2:30, while the rest of the world is drinking a five-hour-energy, we’re running a 10k – backwards!

Darkness falls (as it has while I am writing this) and alone in the office I contemplate how to make tomorrow come sooner.

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