Federal Employment Laws: A Guide for Event Planners


Before you put together your dream events team, make sure you understand the federal employment laws. Check out this guide to contract and regular employee laws

You're in charge of planning an event. Every detail depends on you! Oh, the pressure! One thing you don't want to have to worry about is employment rules and regulations. That's not a detail that's going to make your event legendary! Nevertheless, before you put a team together that will elevate your company to rockstar status, you have to make sure you understand federal employment laws. Check out this guide to contract and regular employee laws and regulations.

Federal Employment Laws

What is the purpose of labor laws? Labor laws were enacted to protect employees' rights and to outline the obligations and responsibilities of the employer.As an employer, you want to be sure that you are providing equal opportunity and a minimum wage as well as a safe work environment.

3 Laws Small Business Owners Want to Know

Pay particular attention to these three laws and how they apply to your event planning company.

1. National Labor Relations Act (NLRA)

This law was enacted in 1935 to protect employers and employees. It gives employees the right to collective bargaining and the ability to unionize. Employees can legally get together to appeal for anything for their "mutual aid and protection". Under this law, employees have the right to discuss any of the terms and conditions of employment. This includes wages, scheduling and time off. Employers are prohibited from threatening employees who are joining a concerted effort.

2. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

If you maintain a team 50 or more people, you are required to grant eligible employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid, protected leave.Such employees are also permitted to keep their health benefits during this approved furlough.

Eligibility Requirements

All 50 employees need to be within a 75-mile radius to be eligible. If you have two locations that are, say 85 miles apart with 30 employees at one and 25 at the other, the employees are not eligible for FMLA. You have to be employed for 12 months or 1250 work hours to be eligible.

A family member or the employee has to meet certain conditions:

  • incapacity due to pregnancy, prenatal care or childbirth
  • after-birth bonding
  • working to adopt or foster a child
  • chronic, incapacitating medical issue
  • family member with a serious medical illness

A medical certificate stating the employee's or family member's condition must be provided.

Employer's Regulations

Employers are required to keep the employee's position open or grant a comparable position upon return. Retain health benefits. Cannot offer any type of wage during the leave of absence.

3.The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

This deals with employment contract laws. It establishes rules and regulations regarding the minimum wage, overtime pay, hours worked, record keeping and child labor laws. Covered employees are entitled to one and a half times their hourly wage when working over 40 hours in a work week. Employees that do not fall under the category of eligibility are those in administrative, executive or professional positions that have specific job descriptions that make them ineligible.

Managing Your Team

Now that you have a grip on federal employment laws, let us take care of the rest. Visit our site to see how we can help you manage your dream team.

Schedulehead Robot Army


With Schedulehead, you get your own personal army of bots to help you with getting your employees scheduled for shifts. They'll take care of all the tasks that take the most time. From gathering missing data, to communicating with workers, and making sure they're ready before a big day, these bots have got your back.

Onboarding Bot

Onboarding Bot is likely the first interaction your employees will have with a Schedulehead Robot. This bot sets the tone for the relationship by sending out a welcome message and getting the worker all setup to use Schedulehead. He can both text and email your staff welcome documents (which our Customer Success Engineers will help you with) as well as collect missing data from your workers, like email addresses. So, for example, if during onboarding you provide us with a list of phone numbers, and some are missing email addresses, this bot can help by texting those workers, collecting their email addresses, and tying it into their Schedulehead profile.

The One-and-Only Autotext Bot

Autotext Bot is the real heavy lifter. This bot will watch your upcoming shifts, 24 hours a day, always looking for understaffed events. Here's the way it works: Let's say you have an event coming up that requires 10 bartenders, but you've only got 5 of those shifts filled. That would mean you still need 5 more bartenders. Autotext Bot can automatically text your staff and ask them to work that shift by sending a text message to each individual person asking "Hey, if you'd like to work as a bartender on July the 12th, reply with special code 99A to get more information". Workers can  use this special code to learn more about the shift, and even confirm that they'd like to work it, so their name will appear on the schedule.

The smarts of Autotext Bot are in its ability to know who to text, and when. First, it will only text employees with the right skillset that you need. Even if that's a weird comibation of skillsets, like "Bartender" + "Has passed a drug test", Autotext Bot will figure it out. When it's gathering the list of people with the right skillsets, it will order them by their star rating, so that the better workers are offered shifts first, and given a little more time to respond to the text message. It will ignore employees who've marked themselves as unavailable, and even go to sleep at night so it doesn't bother your workers while they're sleeping.

You can configure Autotext Bot to watch upcoming shifts within a preset amount of time. For example, you may want it to watch all shifts that are coming up within a 5 day period. This means that if a shift isn't organically filled (either by you, or by people signing up or requesting to work a shift) then Autotext Bot will jump into action, but Autotext Bot is smart. The closer the event is to happening, the faster it'll move: just like you. So if an event is happening tomorrow, he'll go into panic mode, and text all the appropriate workers as fast as possible, just to ensure someone gets on the schedule. Autotext Bot will always leave himself plenty of time to get his job done.

Forget to staff an event, or have some last minute no-shows? Autotext Bot has got your back. Even if you have same day holes in your schedule, or add some shifts at the very last second, this robot will help you when you need it the most.

Shift Checkin Bot

Another robot we've got that does a completely unique job is Shift Checkin Bot. This guy asks your employees to checkin with him prior to their shifts, just like you'd checkin for a flight before going to the airport. A few days prior to the event, he'll send a text message or email with a special code to each worker, asking them to checkin. As soon as they respond with that code, you'll see from your dashboard in Schedulehead that each worker is checked in, or who has not responded. This is different from checking in while onsite (we've got that too!). This really helps you keep an eye on big events, or big days, or just everyday attendance by making sure everyone is "alive and kicking" beforehand, so that if you need to replace someone, you've got plenty of time. This bot can even you email you a summary of who's checked in and who's not, so you've got all that info handy the day before.

Each of our bots are very customizable, so they'll walk and talk just how you want them to. Talk to one of our Client Success Engineers today to get started.



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100 little (and big) things to tweak

With 100 different ways to customize how Schedulehead behaves, you can make it work exactly like you want. On top of that, our support team can do much more if you find you need it.

Whether you're new to Schedulehead or you've been with us for ages, we're excited for you to check out the new options and even give you a complimentary training session.



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How Schedulehead improved staff performance and attendance by 90%

This is a case study of a California catering company and how we reduced their late arrivals and "no shows" by 90%. Using simple tools and collecting data on each worker allows them to maintain this deep impact with little to no overhead: Schedulehead automates all the work.




And other reasons you’ll love Schedulehead if you’re staffing for events

We were born out of an event-based staffing company, so this stuff is in our DNA. But whether your employee scheduling needs are for catering, production, or stage labor scheduling, that’s all our sweetspot.

Over the years, we’ve baked in tons of tools that are unique not just to Schedulehead, but really for the event-based staffing job. For example, when managing a large only Schedulehead actually learns about your employees. The longer it works, the more it knows. It knows who’s sometimes late, who’s a solid worker, and who to keep an eye on. As well, we’ve got tools that can automatically reach out to workers to get them scheduled for a shift, which takes a lot off your plate when scheduling for events. Check out our Features page for an overview of what we’ve got to offer.

The way Schedulehead works is inherently different than any other platform. It’s structured around events, rather than individual shifts. While we do offer traditional employee scheduling tools to round out our product line, it’s our focus on event based businesses that make us really shine.

Come see how we shine, and book a 15 minute demo right now.



Say Goodbye to Handwritten Notes



Our Time Tracking shows real-time updates and so much more.

How are you currently keeping track of hours worked for your employees? If it’s on paper, then you know there’s a lot of room for improvement. Hand-written or paper notes not only get lost, but have to be either scanned and stored or put into a filing cabinet for archival purposes. If you’re in the United States, you should to be keeping these records for years. What if an employee alleges improper payment or record-keeping, are those old paper records or scans going to be easy to find when the time comes? As well, there’s plenty of room for inaccuracy when dealing with anything handwritten. The handwriting can be hard to read, the papers get lost, the math is incorrect, and a whole host of other problems. All this leads to a significant amount of work every pay period.

With Schedulehead, all of these problems go away and save a ton of time. Our records are guaranteed accurate, and the math is all done for you. We even automatically calculate the overtime, doubletime, and more according to your local jurisdiction. The records are there forever, so if you need records from years ago, they’ll always be on Schedulehead to view instantly. With old-fashioned paper systems, you have no idea what to expect until you get the physical copies back, but with Schedulehead, you can view your employee’s punch-ins and punch-outs in real time. Managers on site or back at the office can even punch in and out anyone else on their team.

Of course it doesn’t stop there. We’ve got loads of extras like our texting robots that warn your workers of upcoming shifts, or text a friendly reminder when they forgot to punch out. With all this hard work done for you at the end of the pay period, the only thing you have to do click a button to send it to your payroll provider, it’s that easy. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try today.
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We’ve Got the Goods



With more than 10 years of R&D behind Schedulehead, we’ve got the tools you’ll love.

We’ve been developing an arsenal of tools by listening to our customers for years. Our research begins with the people who use Schedulehead on a daily basis, and that feedback goes directly to our development team to shape the path for us. This means we’ve got some pretty fine-tuned employee scheduling features that no one else has, and ways to customize them that makes us truly unique.

For example, you can customize Schedulehead to send text messages if you workers forget to Punch In, or text and remind them about upcoming shifts, and many other triggers. We’ve even got features that require them to check in for upcoming shifts to ensure they’re available and ready to work.


All of these items can be customized. Download this as a PDF here.


Automated options:


Optional Decline Code

Text for invite to work

Text for web check-in

Text for worker add by manager

Text for worker removal by manager

Text for alternate add by manager

Text for alternate removal by manager

Text for alternate upgraded to worker on shift

Text for event updates

Automated Time Tracking Texting options:

All have customizable messages

Text for upcoming punch in

Text for forgotten punch in

Text for upcoming punch out

Text for punch out now

Text for forgotten punch out

Manual Texting:

Manually text your workers, those working one particular shift, or everyone with just one click.


Shift Punches

Minimum Early Punch In :

defines how early a worker can punch in for a shift

Max Late Punch Out : The latest the worker can punch themselves out

Get Location : whether the device should even try to get a location

Location Required

Location Within Specified distance

Require photo of worker at punch time

Reviewer can view and add punches

Worker can either be required to be on a shift, or be allowed ‘Anytime Punches’ Payroll

Pre-approve Punches

Fiscal start of day

Fiscal start of week

Fiscal start of year

Fiscal Pay Period Type

Weekly and Daily Overtime

Weekly and Daily Doubletime

Hours Calculation

Payroll Export and Integration


Text Message Logs

Detailed Toolkit User Interaction History -- activating/inactivating/adding comments

Lock specific fields from worker edit

Custom fields specific to your business


Custom Formatted Daily Summaries

Once A Week or every day


Display workers' names with emails and/or phone numbers


Hide Star Ratings and/or reviews from workers.

Modify Past reviews and ratings.


Disable worker signup


Display coworker names with or without emails and/or phone numbers


Customize how your employees use the app for time punches, supervisor worker management, and more.

Faster, Better, Stronger



We just got a whole lot more powerful.

We know how busy you keep staying on top of scheduling your team, and because of that, we’ve been busy working for you.

If you’re currently using Schedulehead for your employee scheduling, you should’ve noticed that we’re quite a bit faster than we were just a week ago. We’ve upgraded our systems to add two new data centers in New York City and London. So no matter where you are in the world, Schedulehead will be lighting quick.

Each new data center can handle an additional 1000% increase in capacity. This translates directly into speed when you and your workers are interacting with Schedulehead. Text messages and web pages load instantly for your employees, and our iPhone and Android apps are blazing fast to get your job done so you can move on with your day.

Schedulehead leads the scheduling app industry in uptime. For 2018, we’ve only had 12 minutes of downtime during maintenance. This is a 99.999% uptime, which means your employees and staff can always access the information they need, when they need it.

All safe, secure, and ready when you are. Go ahead, put our systems to the test, we’ve got your back.

Experience our Stellar Support

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From the moment you create your Schedulehead account, even during the trial period, you'll be greeted by our Welcome Team.

The job of our Welcome Team is to help you understand our services and make sure you're getting the most out of Schedulehead, as well as help tailor the experience directly towards your needs.

A dedicated Welcome Team member

to provide Stellar Support

As soon as you call in, you'll be introduced to your dedicated Welcome Team member. They'll take the time to understand your business needs, so that they're familiar with your needs and can best suggest staffing solutions that would work well for your case. They'll be your main point of contact for anything you need with Schedulehead, for the life of your account. So anytime you email or call, you'll be routed directly to your dedicated Stellar Support agent who knows you by name ... and that's a really nice feeling.

Unlimited Phone Calls Means

No Stupid Questions

We're here to make sure you succeed, otherwise we're not doing our job. So we encourage you to call with all your questions, as much as you like. This also applies to anyone else who is an admin on your account, all these will get routed to your dedicated agent to provide Stellar Support.

Training Starts When You Want ...

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We'll start with some basic training sessions and tweak Schedulehead to how you think it's best. We offer unlimited training sessions as often as you like, just book an appointment online, at your convenience, and setup a training session. Even invite your other admins, we'll work with your team.

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