Autotext keeps Employee Scheduling Simple

Employee Scheduling

Employee Scheduling Autotext

    Employee scheduling can be very tiring and nerve wracking the closer to an event you get. Let’s say Ryan’s Event Staffing does not have enough people for the event in 2 days, a troublesome situation we have all seen before. The next step for most people is to start making phone calls to fill this slot. This is time consuming to look up employee’s numbers and call them one by one. If you are lucky, half of the time the employees will answer their phone. The rest of the time you are leaving messages which wastes more of your time. The event gets staffed, but in the end, way too much time was wasted.

We have a better method, and its called Autotext.

What is Autotext?

    Simple, yet Powerful – Autotext is like a robot that is constantly watching your shifts to make sure they are filled. When it notices that an upcoming job has some shifts that aren’t filled, it will automatically start texting your workers asking them if they’re available for that shift. Your workers can respond right there via text and get signed up right away.

Employee Scheduling autotext

How does it know?

    Schedulehead learns your business and your workers: it knows who is most qualified for every shift. It knows who was late last week and who is better at various skills. When Schedulehead notices a hole in your schedule, it will automatically reach out to the most qualified workers first, then work the list down from there.

How Useful is it?

    Our research shows that 99% of employees have access to a cell phone with texting while only 72% have access to mobile email. The ability to send text messages dramatically increases response from employees and saves your business’s bottom line.

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