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Automate scheduling, reviews, payroll, and minimize unemployment. Schedulehead is front and center for stage labor & concert labor.

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Schedulehead is the best scheduling and payroll platform for stage & concert companies. For Schedulehead, special events are in the spotlight.

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Schedule your staff and run payroll at lightning speed. Our customers are on average 84% faster after converting to Schedulehead.

Schedulehead frees up resources.

Schedulehead allows you to spend less time and money on staffing, and more time and money on expanding to new markets.

You decide who is in control.

Be in total control, let our bots be in control, or find a comfortable mix in between.

Put an end to lates & no shows for good.

Schedulehead tracks, in real-time, how your people are performing and then schedules them accordingly.

Don't be upstaged by scheduling problems.

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How Schedulehead decreased overstaffing by 68%

~ Before implementing Schedulehead ~

0 roster

Part and full-time workers: Hands, Riggers, Forks, Aerial Cams, and more

0% overstaff

On some days, additional staff was picked up because the overstaff was not enough to guarantee required staff.

~ Approximately 8 weeks after implementation ~

0 roster

A part of the roster wasn't as active as previously thought or had more issues with arriving on time or at all. Schedulehead allowed this company to keep their shifts less overstaffed by tracking performance .

0% overstaff

Thanks to performance tracking, Check in Bot, and SMS reminders, late arrivals and no shows droped by 75%


This case study stage labor company had struggled with its performance tracking as it grew larger.  The worker history was tracked in Excel and worker write ups. While this worked some of the time, not all workers would have an accurate worker history, and no shows were sometimes missed for a couple shows in a row before being removed. The busier they were, the more attendance problems they’d have, at exactly the wrong time. Since using Schedulehead, they have been able to reduce the time wasted on overstaffing, verifying staff, and getting last minute covers by 87%.


We understand and solve all of your issues.

Problem: Finding workers


There are several methods for workers to sign up for/request shifts. Our bots help to automate all this for you. Need workers for a show this weekend? Autotext Bot will help find the perfect people for the job.

Problem: Last minute updates


Our texting and email systems help to keep your staff up to date on last minutes changes.

Problem: We need help, but don't have time to learn new software


Schedulehead has been designed so that even an untrained user can intuitively navigate the app without training. Even advanced features take minutes to learn.

Problem: Each pay period takes too much time to calculate payroll


With our advanced payroll rules, you can choose how payroll groups get automatically applied to people, making payroll (and time tracking) go from taking hours to just minutes. We also support specialty rules such as shift minimums and holiday overtime.

Problem: Confirming workers takes forever


Scheduehead's Shift Check-in Bot reaches out to your workers and verifies they are ready for their upcoming shift for you.

Problem: Worker no shows are not always noticed and taken care of.


Schedulehead tracks worker performance and will show admins workers with recent issues on upcoming shifts.

Problem: We need several schedulers to handle each of our regions.


Schedulehead's region system and automation can drastically lower the number of schedulers required in each of your regions or cities.

Schedulehead Otto Bot

We've got lots of bots to help you.

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