Scheduling and Payroll Software for Talent Management

Schedule the right artists at the right time, only with Schedulehead.

We knows artists can be a challenge to manage. Let us help.

Schedulehead makes it easy to keep track of your talent.

Work 84% faster with Schedulehead.

Schedule your talent and run payments at lightning speed. Our customers are on average 84% faster after converting to Schedulehead.

Keep your talent informed

Schedulehead can communicate details easily to your talent with our blog, comment, and texting systems.

Tracking of overall performance.

Schedulehead tracks, in real-time, how your people are performing and displays that to you only.

Need a female vocalist

Schedulehead makes it easy to filter and pick out exactly who you want such as female vocals instead of male vocals.

Bookings keep you busy. Let us handle the rest.

Let's Do This


We solve your scheduling problems, so you can focus on your talents.

Problem: Scheduling talent takes time


Let Schedulehead handle worker invitations to perform. Schedulehead can text and email the details to workers. If they do not accept or reject the invitation after a period of time, Schedulehead will remove them and contact you.

Problem: Workers need up-to-date information about events


We have a wide-array of comment and communication tools, each one easy to use and specifically designed to communicate the right info at the right time.

Problem: We need help, but don't have time to learn new software


Schedulehead has been designed so that even an untrained user can intuitively navigate the app without training. Even advanced features take minutes to learn.

Problem: It takes too long to calculate payments


With our wage tracking, you can easily set wages for individuals, making payments go from taking hours to just minutes. 

Problem: It's difficult to keep track of all your workers


Workers can upload selfies that appear everywhere in the app. Schedulehead keeps realtime track of everyone's performance so you can make decisions with ease.

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