Experience our Stellar Support

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From the moment you create your Schedulehead account, even during the trial period, you'll be greeted by our Welcome Team.

The job of our Welcome Team is to help you understand our services and make sure you're getting the most out of Schedulehead, as well as help tailor the experience directly towards your needs.

A dedicated Welcome Team member

to provide Stellar Support

As soon as you call in, you'll be introduced to your dedicated Welcome Team member. They'll take the time to understand your business needs, so that they're familiar with your needs and can best suggest staffing solutions that would work well for your case. They'll be your main point of contact for anything you need with Schedulehead, for the life of your account. So anytime you email or call, you'll be routed directly to your dedicated Stellar Support agent who knows you by name ... and that's a really nice feeling.

Unlimited Phone Calls Means

No Stupid Questions

We're here to make sure you succeed, otherwise we're not doing our job. So we encourage you to call with all your questions, as much as you like. This also applies to anyone else who is an admin on your account, all these will get routed to your dedicated agent to provide Stellar Support.

Training Starts When You Want ...

and Never Stops!

We'll start with some basic training sessions and tweak Schedulehead to how you think it's best. We offer unlimited training sessions as often as you like, just book an appointment online, at your convenience, and setup a training session. Even invite your other admins, we'll work with your team.

Don't believe it? Call right now:


We're ready to start now by asking the right questions to ensure we're the best fit for you. So, what are you waiting on? Let's get started!

You can also get started right now by opening a risk free trial or scheduling a demo.