Future of Schedulehead

Recurring Schedules

While we are awesome, there are features we want to add to make Schedulehead completely mind-blowingly awesome. One feature many scheduling programs have is a recurring schedule. Our beginning demographic involved event based companies such as catering, so we didn’t include a recurring schedule system into our design at first. This is something that needs to change as Schedulehead expands further into other business models where a recurring schedule fits better.

Output to Other Programs

We also want to include the ability to output the event schedule to other programs. This will be good for both the current event scheduling method as well as the planned recurring schedule method. Several businesses have requested this, so we are working on including this as soon as possible. Two of the outputs we are working on are Caterease and Excel spreadsheets.

Skillset Specific Instructions

Certain types of scheduling such as school substitute scheduling might have a variety of events at a single location. We are looking at ways to reduce the work required to create events like this. One method we thought of was to include skillset specific instructions. Maybe you need 5 substitute teachers required for a day. Instead of scheduling 5 events and repeating the address over and over, you can create a single event with substitute 1-5 each with a specific classroom or function that they will handle. The classroom or function will just be listed in the skillset specific instructions.

Text Schedules to Employees

It is always good to open as many possibilities for your workers to see their schedules. Following this logic, we are developing a way to text the schedules to your workers. Employees will eventually be able to text and have their schedule texted to them upon request, so that there is never any confusion.

Custom Branding

It is nice to see your own logo on the login page. This lets your workers know it is your site and reduces any possible confusion. Plus who doesn’t like seeing their logo all over the place. Kind of like this:

scheduling header

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