Happy New Year!

In 46 B.C.E. Julius Caesar declared, New Years Day, to take place on January 1st.

You might not think that he could have realized what that day would become to the world.  How it would have the power to unite us across vast distances both real and imagined. 

Could he have known that people all over the world would make this day holy, and use it to ceremoniously dispatch the bad memories of the year before, while welcoming the possibility of a brighter future? 

I think he did.

I think he knew exactly the implications of such a grand concept, because his choice of the word “January” was inspired by a particularly gifted roman god named “Janus.”

Janus, the roman god of doors and gates, was believed to have two faces:  One looking back, and the other, looking forward. Like Janus, this New Years Eve I find myself looking in both directions simultaneously.  I watch last year unfurl – watch it burst open with triumphs and failures, happiness and regret.

I relive several moments that overwhelmed me with solipsistic wonderment; that un-mistakable and uniquely human feeling that I was the sole person on the planet who knew what it was to truly live. And then I think of the year to come and it truly is like we are all standing in front of an iron gate that is set to swing open at midnight and let the future coming pouring down on top of us.

And when it does, what moments will we experience?  What will become of us?

Will we flourish and grow and become successful?

Or will we retract and atrophy into nothingness?  Will we remain static?

The answer, my friends, will begin to show itself in just a few hours. Everyone here at Schedulehead hopes that this New Years Eve is not only happy and safe, but also, the beginning of an incredible new adventure.

We hope that in 2014, all of you make more money than ever and find infinite love and happiness.

Happy New Years,

——The Schedulehead Team——




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