How Much Do You Waste On Staff Scheduling?

As one of more than 25 million small business owners in the United States*, you’ve got a million things to worry about. 


From accounting to onboarding, marketing to customer service, you likely do it all.  And with business survival rates getting lower each year,* you need all the time you can get. If your business has more than twenty-five employees, staff scheduling can easily become a full-time job.  That means that you only have three options:

A.  You can hire someone on a part-to-full time basis to do it for you ($24,000 per year and up).
B.  You can do it yourself using spreadsheets and a cell phone, or one of those less intelligent programs out there and still lose thousands of dollars of your time.
C.  You can open your free Schedulehead account, let it schedule your employees for for you, increase your productivity ten-fold and make more money this year than you ever have before.
It’s really that simple.

–          S.H.


*Bureau Of Labor Statistics

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