The Brain Inside our “Head”

What makes Schedulehead unique from other employee scheduling apps, is its unique ability to make decisions like a person.

That way, when you create an event and fill it with available shifts, Schedulehead is able to consider a large variety of factors when choosing which workers to reach out to.

Some of these factors include:

Skillset, seniority and performance.

As the the event gets closer, if Schedulehead sees that there are unfilled positions, it will reach out to other available workers in descending order of quality to ensure your event is fully staffed.

Here’s an example:

You have an upcoming event in 15 days and it will require five staff members. Once you have created the event on Schedulehead, the program will wait up to an hour to ensure that all revisions are final. Once this time is up, it will begin to let your staff see and sign up for that event.

1.  Schedulehead shows your highest rated and most senior worker the shift. That worker signs up.

2.  Schedulehead shows your second highest rated and most senior worker the shift. That worker fails to sign up.

3.  Schedulehead see’s that several other, newer workers have an identical rating and seniority. They are shown the shift simultaneously. Three of them sign up and this leaves one shift unfilled.

4.  Time passes and with the event on the near horizon, Schedulehead knows it needs to fill the open slot.  It begins text messaging your employees and eventually one of your newest worker is notified.

5.  This eager new employee responds immediately and then signs up for it.

Your event now has a perfect mix of staff: One very senior and highly rated worker, two solid but newer workers, and one brand new worker who will be able to learn from the other three.

-Will Lange

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