Maverik Center Case Study

MAVERIK CENTER - A Case Study in Communication, Scheduling, and Payroll

How Roosted cut costs and saved hours in scheduling and payroll

The Challenge:

The Maverik Center struggled with efficient communication, scheduling, and payroll.

The Maverik Center is a 12,000 seat multi-purpose arena in West Valley City, Utah. They are the home of the Utah Grizzlies, and feature regional concerts and events. Their staffing is a mix of 1099 and W2. 

As of May 2022 they have 328 active personnel whose function includes medical, security, managers, parking staff, police, janitorial, and other auxiliary functions. The Maverik Center has been a client of Schedulehead since late 2020.


Before working with Roosted, the Maverik Center was using a combination of Excel spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls/texts to schedule hundreds of 1099 and W2 workers. This system constantly caused miscommunications, late arrivals, and no shows. Because managers pre-processed payroll, the constant late arrivals and no shows increased the Payroll Team's workload by at least 50% every week in correcting working hours and wages.

After switching to Roosted's workforce management solution, the managers and the Payroll Team saved at least 25 hours per week and over $25,000 in costs. 

The Solution:

Roosted integrated communication, scheduling and payroll - reducing working hours and costs by 50% 


Each manager was responsible for emailing, texting, and calling individual workers to schedule shifts and share information. Valuable info was lost in this process, often leading to No Shows and Late Arrivals.

When handling event scheduling, each manager had to manually pre-process, review, and approve payroll after the shift - then they had to send that information to the Payroll Team for processing. Add in a mixed group of 1099 and W2 workers with unique wage and payroll needs, and it's clear why the managers and Payroll Team were overwhelmed with tedious, time-consuming spreadsheets to manage their pay. 

The Payroll Team estimated they spent at least 20-25 hours per week correcting time tracking and payroll problems (which were made worse by a poor communication system). A perfect storm of weak communication, scheduling, and payroll, systems that did not communicate with each other made life for the Maverik Center difficult, and was costing them tens of thousands of dollars.


From the start, the Roosted Customer Success Engineers worked closely with Maverik Center management to organize a system that made their lives easier. As is standard with all of our new clients, we customized a solution for the Maverik Center's particular situation. 


We started our process with worker communication. Roosted's automated scheduling tool allowed managers to notify workers of any upcoming shifts or changes, share valuable documents/information, and cut out the tedious text messages that caused so many no shows and so much miscommunication - all on one platform. This gave managers a better understanding of which workers were reliable, and allowed them to easily plan out schedules far in advance instead of panicking the day of an event. 

This automation tool not only saved time and headache for managers, but provided more working opportunities for efficient workers. Randy Mayne, Assistant General Manager for the Maverik Center, noted, “[Schedulehead] helps us give more staff an opportunity to work.” 


Next, we integrated our time tracking tool that communicated important wage information between managers and the Payroll Team. The punch-in system allowed workers to easily clock their times right from their phones when they arrived - which meant that managers didn’t need to pre-process payroll before a shift, nor review afterwards. Now, managers simply confirm punch in times, then wage and time-tracking data is automatically shipped off to the Payroll Team in a clean, standardized format for easy processing.  

This feature was a huge help to the Maverik Center as they set aggressive growth goals.
Assistant GM Randy Mayne said the most important benefit of switching to Roosted was,
“Scalability: Only one person could be in payroll at a time. Now we can do that all at the same time.” 


Finally, we synced up the communication and time tracking systems to easily communicate with the Payroll Team. With the customized payroll rules, the Maverik Center could easily automate payroll processing of 1099 and W2 workers instead of juggling dozens of spreadsheets across multiple information centers. This meant that we could accurately communicate different hourly wage and accounting information for 1099 and W2 workers to the Payroll Team for processing.
The result was overwhelmingly positive. 

When asked about the impact of Roosted to the Payroll Team, Mayne answered: “I couldn’t put a price tag on it. Probably at least $20,000 - $25,000 in savings”

Roosted's Impact:

"I couldn't put a price tag on it. Probably at least $20,000 - $25,000


Roosted takes feedback on every shift worked. While it’s not necessary, the more data Roosted has, the better. So it knows every time someone is late, fails to arrive, or has less-than-desirable performance, and all these metrics paint a picture of each worker that Roosted uses to evaluate who is the most reliable and who should be scheduled where.

After one month of using the service, Roosted started to amass valuable data about the Maverik Center's employees. Using that data, Roosted gave less shifts to the unreliable workers, and rewarded the others with more. With Schedulehead automating much of the process, the Payroll Team cut their working hours from 65+ hours per week, down to a manageable 40 hours per week - about a 50% reduction in working hours since adopting Schedulehead.


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