New Interface


We are super excited to announce our new interface launching into beta. This will be the basis for our interface leading into the future. We are focusing more on the grid view like scheduling, but will be introducing capabilities to make it just as powerful for our event-based companies. A number of new features are being introduced by this interface.

Faster adding of workers


You can now add workers in the same page that you schedule them. This makes everything more streamlined about getting up and running with Schedulehead. As you add the worker, you can create new roles and add the roles all at the beginning to make onboarding employees a one step process.

Drag and Drop


Drag and drop has invaded Schedulehead. Shifts can be moved between workers and even days. This allows quick reassigning of shifts from the new grid view replacement. Currently only grid based shifts, or daily’s, can be drag and dropped. The final version will have drag and drop capability for everything that appears there. Stay Tuned!

View Filters


View Filters are a continuation of the previous skillset filter from Shifts in a Grid View. This new Filter allows for soooo much more. Here is a list of the new Filters:

  • Worker Skillset/Role: This filters by what workers have that particular skillset/role.
  • Working Status: This includes working, not working, working more than so many hours, and working less than so many hours.
  • Shift Skillset/Role: This filters the shifts shown by what shifts have that particular skillset/role.

This allows you to quickly and effectively figure out how the weekly schedule is laid out. We have more filters on the way to improve your efficiency.

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