Non-profit Organizations and Volunteer Scheduling

Clean and Simple Scheduling

Non-profit and volunteer groups take a great deal of work to keep organized. Volunteer scheduling often consists of either phone calls or hoping enough show up. Schedulehead can massively reduce the organizational workload. You just put the event up with the number of people required or desired and Schedulehead takes care of the rest with your pool of volunteers.


Typically, your volunteers donโ€™t sit in an office. Schedulehead is a scheduling app designed to work specifically with multiple and ever-changing job locations.

Star Rankings

Schedulehead keeps track of volunteer performance and seniority. It rewards quality, long-time workers just like you would.

All Aboard!

On-boarding your volunteers is easy. Just send them a link to your domain and they will help you out by inputting their information. You want to help people, not get bogged down in administration details.