Planning Ahead With Schedulehead

Schedulehead has tons of amazing features, but one of the most unique aspects of it, is how easy it is for a business owner to create their staff schedules a long way into the future. Imagine, you could have the entire years worth of schedules ready to go with just a few clicks of the mouse.


Highest Rated Staff – They are able to see and sign up for shifts far away into the future – one of the perks they receive for working hard and getting consistently good reviews.

Lower Rated Workers – Those with a history of bailouts or low performance, will be able to see a shorter amount of time into the future.

What This Means – As the upcoming shifts approach, the lower rated workers will eventually be shown the available slots, but by the time they are able to sign up, you will already have plenty of your better workers.

Earlier the Better

The further into the future you create the staff schedules, the more time Schedulehead will have to show the right staff, the right shifts. When you don’t give it enough time, it becomes a priority for Schedulehead to simply make sure you are not short staffed, and it will become less selective in who gets to see the shifts.

-Will Lange

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