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You spoke, we listened! Repeating events have arrived. What are Repeating events? Repeating events are events with multiple days that happen at regular periods, such as daily, weekly, every 2 days, etc.

How do you create repeating events?

Recurring Employee Scheduling
Recurring Scheduling Software

You create a repeating template, which creates the rest of the repeating events on all the desired days for you. The repeating template will allow you to place workers on all the associated open repeating events, as well as change times, location, comments, etc. from a central location. So if your workers on all of your associated repeating events need to start an hour earlier, you can change just the template and the rest will reflect the change. It is just simple and intuitive

How does it work?

Recurring Employee Scheduling

There is a great deal of robustness to the system. Let’s say a worker needs a day off from their repeating schedule. This is no problem. You go to the repeating event on that date and take them off. Boom the worker will be off that event, just like normal. What about the empty spot that has just appeared? Schedulehead automatically notices that and opens up the event to qualified workers to fill the spot.

Worker Signup

Worker Online Scheduling

As an extension of our mantra, “Let Schedulehead do the Work for You”, you can also allow workers to sign up for the template itself. This means that a worker can see the event and how often it happens, then decide to sign up for the event. When you set template signup, we will preferentially show the repeating template to workers to get them signed up for the repeating template rather than the individual repeating events. What if I don’t want a worker on a repeating template or I want to remove them? This is also very easy to do. You can go to the repeating template and remove them just like removing them from any other event. When you do this, it will go to all the associated repeating events and remove that worker from them. The simpler and more powerful a tool is the better it can be used.

What if a repeating template doesn’t get filled?

If you allowed template signup, Schedulehead will watch the repeating templates to make sure they get filled. Schedulehead will watch repeating events and make sure it gets filled with qualifying workers.

What about autotext and web check-in?

Both of these are still in place and work for individual repeating events. We only increase functionality.

What can’t it do?

Sadly, make me pancakes. I am working on it, but the ingredients just sit there at the moment. It might need an upgrade before it gets there.

Start making your daily schedules easy!

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