Schedulehead debuts new technology at Catersource Convention

By Derick Dorner
February 18, 2014

La Jolla, CA — “Schedulehead” – a San Diego dot-com announced plans to debut their employee scheduling app on March 25, 2014 at the Catersource convention in Las Vegas, NV. In a statement, an official spokesperson for the company said: “We chose this venue in particular, because it is the largest trade show in the world that aims specifically toward the catering and event-planning industry. Together, those industries comprise a significant portion of our intended customer base.”

This news comes on the heels of their announcement a few weeks ago, in which the company reported that they had finished phase III testing and planned to come to market shortly. Their app is designed specifically to automate the staff schedules of event-based businesses such as: catering companies, event planners, contracters and housekeeping services. Because they are geared toward a well-defined niche, the company is positioned to dominate a large portion of the increasingly crowded employee scheduling app marketplace.

In the statement, the spokesperson also said: “We believe that we hold a significant advantage over the competition, because of our patent-pending algorithm. Unlike all of our competitors, only our program has the ability to learn about staff members experience, skills and performance history when creating work schedules.”

Local impact – After the product launch, initial estimates for new client acquisition are projected to be in the thousands. This expansion would significantly fund the business and cause the creation of jobs in sectors ranging from web technology, customer service and marketing to maintenance and general labor. This wave of hiring will help to reinvigorate the San Diego economy, putting hundreds of thousands of dollars back into circulation.

The spokesperson also said “our company is comprised of mostly San Diego natives and we all love our city. We’re looking forward to putting jobs back into the community and are excited about getting involved with local charities as well.”

About Schedulehead – Schedulehead is involved in the research, development and marketing of a highly innovative employee scheduling app. Recognizing that there is fierce competition in this newly emerging and previously under-served market, they have aimed toward the niche of event-staff schedules, which hold specific challenges.

Through the development of their patent-pending technology, the program is designed to intelligently automate the process of employee-scheduling, reducing or even eliminating the need for a scheduling position in small to large businesses.

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