Let autotext and e-mail check-in work for you!

Now we all know that it is stressful making sure you have enough employees on a shift. Schedulehead has a couple tools that truly alleviate scheduling concerns thankfully. Our web based employee scheduling software is truly amazing!

E-mail Check-in

   You fill all of your shifts weeks ahead of time. You are relaxed and stress-free. Fast forward to the day of the event, you are missing several workers who either forgot or had something come up in the last couple of days before the event. You are now stressed. This is not a situation you want to be in.

   We don’t want this situation to ever happen to people as we understand just how frustrating it can be, so we included check-in emails into Schedulehead. Check-in emails are a simple system to severely reduce the occurrence of these unpleasant situations. 24 hours before the employee’s shift is going to start a check-in email goes out to the employee. This check-in email has a link that will check the employee in automatically when he follows it. This allows you, the boss, to replace those that don’t check-in or bail out after being reminded about the event. Of course those that bail out so late will be punished a bit, but that is a blog entry for another day. Currently, the e-mails go out 24 hours beforehand, but we are working on changing that to a custom time frame to better tie into our second method of alleviating your labor concerns with auto-replacing those that don’t check in within a reasonable time frame. The emails look something like this:

Are you ready to work?

You have an upcoming shift in 24 hours that you need to check in for: |shift or event name|.

Please use our Web Check-In system by clicking on the link below and entering the code below. Then you’ll be ready to work!

Web Check-In: https://yoursubdomain. schedulehead.com/ checkin/OUOH

If you do NOT check in, you will be considered ABSENT from the event and we will try to find a replacement for you. If you experience any problems please email or call at |company email| or |your company phone number|


Online Employee Scheduling Tools

Another terrible situation, you are getting close to the event date and still have open slots to fill. You are calling all of your workers manually to try and fill the slot, while stressing out. This is another situation we do not want happening. Our Autotext service will take care of that for you.

We have an absolutely fantastic article on Autotext on our support site, but I will give the quick and dirty right here. When there is a opening on an event within a certain time frame you set, a text will go out to all of your workers that fit that role without conflicting shifts. This text will ask them if they are interested in working a shift with shift date and time. This gives you an automated method of filling or refilling open slots when the event gets close. No stress involved, at least not on the employee scheduling side of the event. 🙂

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