Schedulehead Keeps You on Top of Scheduling

   Staying on top of employee scheduling can be very frustrating and difficult. Think about this situation, Jill of Valentine Catering has an event to staff. She prepares a Google drive spreadsheet with all the event details and requirements. She does the initial call around and gets it half staffed as well as several people saying they will find out if they are available. Jill sets it aside and works on other projects that are pressing, while planning on taking care of it the next day. The next day, an event goes badly, and she is handling damage control the next two days. The spreadsheet sits silently, as it is just a spreadsheet.

Fast Forward a Week and a Half.

   Jill reviews the information on Google drive for an event happening in a couple of days. She is shocked to notice that this event is only half staffed. This event was set aside during a difficult period. She goes to work right away calling her employees for availability again. She tries her hardest, but is only able to get up to 15 out of the 20 required staff. Everyone else had made commitments that they couldn’t break off this late. She ends up having to outsource for staff and paying a hefty fee for each one.

This situation is avoidable, and we want to help you avoid it.

Schedulehead Daily Summaries

   Schedulehead provides the tools to avoid this problem. Schedulehead provides daily summaries of your events happening in the next 7 days to all staff with toolkit access. A spreadsheet cannot remind you of anything, but these summaries show you a great deal of information. Below is a basic layout of the Daily Summary Email.

Here is a summary for your (Number of Events) events over the next 7 days:

(Event Name) — (Date of Event) @ (Location Name) :

(Role 1 Name): (Current Number) of (Total Required) workers scheduled for (Shift Start Time)

(Role 2 Name): (Current Number) of (Total Required) workers scheduled for (Shift Start Time)

Total workers : (Current Number) scheduled out of (Total Required) requested

… (More Events)

The following people have not submitted their reviews:
(Reviewer) for the (Event Name) event that happened on the (Date of Event)

   As you can see from this template, daily summaries are incredibly useful for staying on top of employee scheduling. This gives you an event by event breakdown of your staff scheduling. It tells you how many workers you need and when you need them. If you notice at the bottom, there is also a reminder for event reviews. Worker reviews are an integral piece of Schedulehead’s process, but that is another article for another day. The main point of daily summary e-mails is to give you information and reminders, so that you can focus less on scheduling and more on business in general.

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