Earned wage access and other financial wellness benefits for employees


Schedulehead Partners with Rain: Allowing Early Wage Access to Employees

Workers can now get paid after each shift. Empowering employees with more financial flexibility while providing a competitive advantage for employers. Learn about how Schedulehead's partnership with Rain can benefit your organization.

Turbo Charge Employee Engagement With Earned Wage Access

Schedulehead has partnered up with the Rain app to provide you with a tool to increase employee retention and engagement - no implementation required. 

The Rain app enables employees to access their earned wages anytime before payday with no interest and no hidden fees.

We’ve Got You Covered…

  • No cost
  • No technical implementation required 
  • No payroll changes 
  • No reconciliation with payroll

What’s In It For You?

Employers can expect the following benefits from the Rain app when the benefit is properly communicated to and used by employees:

  • 10x greater retention 
  • 68.3% of employees are ready to take on additional shifts
  • 77.5% of employees are likely to refer you as a good employer
  • 89.9% of employees are more satisfied at work
  • 78.5% of employees are less stressed on the job

Spread The News!

Communicate this benefit to your employees by using this template. Find additional assets to share the news here

Simple For Your Employees:

  • Avoid payday loans, overdrafts, and late fees 
  • Transfer up to 50% of earned wages, up to $500 
  • $3.99 per instant transfer to any debit card 
  • No interest or hidden fees

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