Scheduling Time Off Requests

Scheduling workers while keeping track of time off and availability can be incredibly difficult at times. Gathering all of this info can require lots of email, forms, and phone calls. All of which eats up time and money. Schedulehead’s goal is to reduce and remove as much of the headache surrounding employee scheduling as possible, and to this end we have introduced time off requests on Schedulehead.

scheduling worker time off requests

How does it work?

Time off requests are simple and flexible tool at the moment. Time off requests are essentially the opposite side of availability scheduling. They simply tell you when a worker cannot work. This works for any reason such as maintaining a difficult work schedule between jobs or having a doctor’s appointment. The worker puts in when they are not available and Schedulehead collects it and shows you in a simple and efficient manner, so that scheduling a week of shifts is easy and not an absolute headache.

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