Shift Equalizer

    Awesome news: We’re rolling out Shift Equalizer! It’s an incredibly powerful new feature that helps to schedule workers just like a human does! Check it out:

What it does:


     Schedulehead looks at all of the data it has on every worker, such as star ranking and length of employment. If there are multiple shifts in one day, Schedulehead can distribute workers evenly so that senior staff are spread among multiple shifts. Balancing shifts this way ensures that each shift will have a good mix of high ranked and lower ranked staff.

    Essentially, the Shift Equalizer behaves how most human schedulers would. When you schedule staff, you want a worker where they will be the biggest benefit, and the Shift Equalizer is part of how Schedulehead achieves this. To enable or disable Shift Equalizer, visit the Configuration Menu. When ON, Schedulehead will only show a worker the one shift where they are needed most. When OFF, Schedulehead will allow workers to signup for any shift on a given day. Workers will then have the freedom to choose which shifts they would rather sign up for, rather than Schedulehead making the choice.

On or not on?


    That is the question. The default option is set to ON.  Research shows that 91% of companies that use Shift Equalizer are able to save between 2 and 4 hours per week by letting Schedulehead do the thinking.

    But we also recognize that there are a few reasons you may not want it and so we gave you the option to disable it. It’s our job is to reduce the time you spend scheduling your staff and make it as pain free as possible. Scheduling is not an efficient use of your time, so let Schedulehead do it for you with help of the Shift Equalizer!

   For more information, checkout our help desk over at

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