Shift Requests Released!

We are proud to announce the release of a new feature: Shift Requests!

What are Shift Requests?

 Your workers can click on the blue “Request Shift” text which will allow you to approve requests before they are confirmed on the worker’s schedule.

Shift Requests are relatively straightforward. Instead of allowing workers to directly signup for shifts, they can request the shift. This is super simple and follows the same process as signing up for a shift. Once they sign up, an administrator can decide who out of the requests should be assigned. That is it, simple as apple pie.

Why is it useful?


Some business like to have more control over assigning their employees, and that’s where Shift Requests comes in.

Let’s take Sue’s Bakery as an example. Let’s say that 2 of her workers John and Bill do not get along well. Both of them signup for the morning shift, and lower each other’s efficiency with small issues. This could have been avoided with Shift Requests. John and Bill both request the morning shift. John has seniority and works well with Jack who also requested the Morning shift, so Sue confirms both John and Jack instead, while placing Bill on another shift he requested. This allows businesses that can keep track of these details will like the extra control that Shift Requests gives them.

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