Successful debut at Catersource for Employee Scheduling App

Successful debut at Catersource for Employee Scheduling App

By Chris Davis
April 10, 2014

La Jolla, CA – “Schedulehead” – a San Diego dot-com has announced resounding success at the tradeshow Catersource at which they recently debuted their employee scheduling app. A spokesperson for the company has spoken about their massive gains in the catering market specifically due to Catersource. The firm’s scheduling software is currently scheduling thousands of shifts a week and seeing steady growth according to the firm’s official statement.

The growth is allowing the company to make plans for large additions to its online scheduling app. Schedulehead is specifically working on adding regular, recurring employee schedules as previously mention in an article a few weeks ago. The firm is also looking to add features to further benefit construction scheduling, bartending scheduling, contractor scheduling, and delivery scheduling. The firm has stated that their main focus is making employee scheduling as simple as possible for their clients.

Industry Advantage – Schedulehead’s patent pending technology intelligently decides what shifts to show workers so that the employer doesn’t have to worry about skill, role, or experience of the scheduled employees. The company believes this is what is driving their current growth. A spokesperson has said that while their growth is mainly in catering, the growth in other sectors is much larger on a per industry basis as other industries recognize the utility of the algorithm in employee scheduling. The company also points to their free scheduling app which has a plethora of features, including support for up to 75 employees, as another major reason for their growth. The company firmly believes the free version that comes with a 60 day premium grace period allows the company’s potential clients to grow to love the app before ultimately signing up for the premium. The company expects the current growth to not slow down anytime soon.

About Schedulehead – Schedulehead is involved in the research, development, and marketing of a highly innovate employee scheduling app. As previously stated the app allows intelligent automation of employee scheduling based on a number of key points when employers typically schedule employees. This can drastically lower the amount of time small businesses require to schedule their employees.

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