Time to Lose Internet Explorer

   If any of you have been following the latest internet explorer bugs, you know there was a massive one just recently. IE recently had security vulnerability that allowed remote code to be executed on your computer. The vulnerability affected Internet Explorer 6 through the newest version, 11. This basically covers all versions of Internet Explorer that is in use today. The exploit that allows remote code to be executed specifically affects internet explorer 9 – 11 which are the mainstays of Microsoft’s market share. Certain versions of Internet Explorers 9 through 11 come standard on Windows xp, vista, 7, and 8. Microsoft released a security patch for this on May 1, 2014.

   This is not small error, but a relatively large one as it allowed others to gain complete control of your computer. Overall, this makes it the last straw for me. I have slowly over the last couple of years completely and utterly phased out IE out of any use. This isn’t that surprising. Microsoft’s market share on browsers has been dropping as people are adopting different browsers that offer more functionality and better performance. Web site design is often a large headache when trying to account for all the versions of Internet Explorer.

   The best alternatives to Internet Explorer are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. I use a mixture of both browsers at different times. They each have awesome features derived mostly from addons and extensions that they can use. They handle extensions in a much more intuitive and accessible fashion than IE. I personally favor Chrome because of the sheer number of extensions that are available. I run quite a few extensions on Chrome such as:

  • Adblock plus – This is for blocking pesky ads.
  • Lastpass – It saves my passwords and logs me into sites a little more securely than me typing it in.
  • Sessionbuddy – This saves all tabs and windows in a session and allows me to load different sets whenever I want.
  • WolframAlpha – Basically, this is a more science-oriented Wikipedia.
  • SPOI Options – This allows you to adjust the layout of youtube as well as create global setting for youtube such as volume level, when to start playing, and

   Overall, Internet Explorer seems to be maintaining a market share more or less based on it being packaged with a Windows Operating System more than its performance or features. I advise to switch to an alternative such as Chrome or Firefox, especially when used with Schedulehead.

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