Never lose track
of time again.

Let us help you take the pain out of time & attendance tracking with our easy-to-understand software.

You make the rules,
we'll follow them.

Whatever special rules you use to calculate time tracking for payroll, we can work with them, guaranteed.

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Workers submit
You approve them.

Stop responding to emails or searching handwritten notes for corrections to payroll. Manage all the communication about payroll in one central place: submit, approve, and track.

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Our Partners

Send your data directly
to payroll (or anywhere).

If you're used to sending an Excel sheet to someone before running payroll, we can help you automatically generate that. We can also get your time & attendance prepped and sent off to payroll or anywhere else you need.

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Trust but verify:
geo-fencing & selfies

Verifying that all your staff is in the right place at the right time can be hard. Use geo-fences to ensure they're clocking in only where they should be, and collect selfies to verify attendance and uniform requirements for each shift.

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Bad time tracking can
cost you good money.

Make payroll 90% faster with Schedulehead: all time tracking is managed through our easy-to-use interface and we alert you to things that need your attention or don't look right.

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Accurate forecasts
for hours & budget

Keep one eye on tomorrow (or next week) with our forecast and budgeting tools right on your dashboard.

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