Why We Do What We Do

The Legend:

Legend has it that when our founder came up with the idea for Schedulehead, it exploded with so much force it shattered every light-bulb, windshield and cell-phone screen for a ten mile radius. In the paper the next morning, it was reported that the resulting shock-wave of creative energy left 3rd degree burns on the hearts of everyone around, inspiring them to take charge and become the leaders of a brave new world. They went forth and started  small businesses across the country, leading the charge toward a new and better life and then finally finding the success they had always dreamed of.

To Be Different:

And all this happened because what our founder and chief designer had invented wasn’t just another scheduling app; it was a way to make peoples lives better. We know you have heard this before, but just a few years later we have seen it become fact and not fiction.

We also know that sometimes it seems like it’s you against the world.  You have to be better than the rest, and you’re not just the face of the company.  You’re the human resources manager, the assistant, the chief marketing officer and the CEO.

Our Mission:

That’s why we keep our mission here at Schedulehead simple:  We make sure the right people show up, on time, every time you have an event.  We strive to make your life simpler, your business more successful and you a happier person.

Since we began our journey we’ve spoken to like-minded souls all across the country.  Business owners who have told us how much they love Schedulehead and how it has helped them run their business better.

That’s the reason we do what we do.  We believe we can help people, and when we succeed, we call it a good day.

-Will Lange

P.S. At Schedulehead, we always want to learn, grow and keep innovating.  If ever you need help, have an idea, or just want to chat, drop us a line.  We’ll be working late.

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