Yelp to Add Video Reviews for Restaurant and Employees

   Imagine going into a restaurant. The first thing you notice is wallpaper peeling from the walls and bad lighting. Once you do get seated, you find that the tabletop is is dirty and sticky. You flag down a server and get a new table. Of course, you have to flag down another restaurant worker to get both refills and the bill. You find the entire experience bad all in all. Of course, the next step is to jump on Yelp to review the restaurant. You can describe the restaurant in a million different ways and people might say, “Oh, they were just being overly harsh.” Here is where Yelp Video reviews come in handy.

Will restaurant employees act differently when on video?

   If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a short video must be worth a million. Yelp is going to start rolling out video reviews this month for their elite users and later everyone else. The videos themselves can be anywhere between 3 and 12 seconds. Videos would solve many problems with Yelp reviews in the same way that pictures helped quite a bit. It allows people to back up their reviews with actual sight and sound proof. This reduces those moment where people say they are just being to harsh, while also helping to reduce the fraudulent reviews making up negative features that don’t exist.

   The example images below have been going around the internet and been in a couple articles. The whole process is relatively simple and straightforward. You hit the button to start recording a video. An indicator shows up showing how much time is left. When you are finished, you pick a cover image from the video and add a caption to it.

Yelp Video ReviewsYelp Video Reviews

Restaurant employees and mobile technology

   Of course, times are changing. People accessing the web through desktops and laptops is declining in favor of cellphones and tablets. This is a well known fact. Many business are following this change in general. Schedulehead is also following this trend by working on a mobile app for its employee scheduling software. Yelp is following this trend too. It may be doing it kicking and screaming just about, but it is following it. In general, business should follow this trend. It is not just cellphones and tablets that are part of the mobile trend, but also wearable tech such as google glass that is slowly but surely becoming normal. While google glass is going slow, there are a plethora of new wearable tech coming out from wristwatches connected to your phone to health monitoring equipment. Times are changing and business must change with them.

   Restaurants on the other hand are not pleased about the mobile and wearable tech revolution. There have been several restaurants that have banned google glass. This is the equivalent of fighting change, and it almost never goes well. The same reasoning that affects google glass can also affect yelp video reviews. People might have to hide taking video from the restaurant employees. While there are potentials for abuse, overall I think they will add more validity to to reviews. What do you think about the new Yelp video reviews? Would you use video reviews?

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