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Predictive Scheduling & Fair Workweek: A Biz Owner's Guide

If you're in charge of a team of hourly shift employees, you'll soon be impacted by a wave of legislation and restrictions.


Your company's job description can make or break your hiring process.

Finding the right people to staff your event starts before the first interview ever takes place.
Read 6 Tips to Attract the Right Candidates


Can you ask questions about past salaries?

If you're asking questions about previous compensation, you may be breaking the law. Is it better to be safe than sorry?
What you should know about wage history questions


This could be the best way to hire your event staff.

Hiring is one of the top challenges reported by managers in staffing and hospitality. If you haven't considered using working interviews, you should.
All about Working Interviews


If you're not tracking these 10 things, they could cost you.

Schedulehead can help track the things you may be missing. Download this guide and share with your managers today.
Click here to download Hidden Losses in Staffing PDF


Interview Questions, the Dos and the Don'ts

Things are changing, and new laws are going into effect this year in both the US and the UK. Know what you can, can't, and should be asking in 2019.
Interview Questions: Dos and Don'ts


Six Best Business Books of 2019

Six curated books with a focus on event businesses to help you perform your best this year. Read one every sixty days.
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Federal Employment Laws: A Guide for Event Planners

When you're focusing on your client's event, you've got enough on your mind. Read our guide to getting by in the event industry for federal employment laws in the US.
Federal Employment Laws: A Guide for Event Planners


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The go-to resource for training & new features.
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A Case Study in Staffing Attendance - A California Catering Company

How Schedulehead improved staff performance and attendance by 90%.
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Feeling nostalgic?

If you want to take a stroll down memory lane, this is the place.
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